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Planning to visit Jackson, Mississippi? Here at Venere, we have everything you need to find the perfect hotel in this astonishing area steeped in American history. When booking your Hotel in Jackson, enjoy the multiple features and amenities available at the many Jackson hotels on Venere, the leaders in travel. Jackson is one U.S. destination not to miss, as it’s filled with tradition, natural splendor and an incredible selection of America’s iconic southern cuisine and architecture. When you book your hotel with Venere, you can relax knowing we’ve done the hard part for you. Browse our website to view hundreds of Jackson hotels suited to your needs, or call one of our representatives on the phone for personalized assistance. Take advantage of our many Jackson hotels, vetted by Venere. Who knows? Perhaps love this historical city so much, you’ll be tempted to stay and write your own piece of history!

What's Jackson like?

“Jackson, Mississippi: City with Soul” is the slogan of this southern gem, that’s the biggest city in the entire state of Mississippi, and the state’s capital. Strategically located on the banks of the Pearl River and the Mexican Gulf, the city was named after General Andrew Jackson, one of the main heroes of the New Orleans battles during the 1812 Anglo-American war. When finding a place to stay in Jackson you’re sure to have plenty of variety, as accommodations range from traditional buildings with that special southern historic touch, as well as the modern hotels in the metropolitan areas. Tourists are drawn to Jackson for the exciting nightlife, and especially the rich history of blues music, as Jackson is said to be the genre got its start. Jackson is the home of some of the greatest names in the Blues hall of fame and the place for the launch of many great careers in R&B, gospel and soul music. It’s also home to a great arts scene and many museums, some of which are near Jackson hotels.

Tips for Getting Along with Locals in Jackson

Jackson locals are quite helpful and always willing to share travel tips with visitors. As a matter of fact, Jackson was once named ‘the friendliest city in the U.S.,’ and lives up to its title. People are very polite and will be glad to help you out when asking for directions or restaurant suggestions. If you’ve heard of good old Southern hospitality, Jackson hotels certainly won’t disappoint in this regard, as they are known to have some of the friendliest staff in the region. You’ll be sure to fully enjoy your trip if you engulf yourself in the city’s rich history by taking tours to some of the area’s historical homes. You should also try local delicacies, such as biscuits dipped in gravy, grits and shrimp pickles made from bread and butter fried heads deep. Be sure to visit the iconic Fondren neighborhood where time seems to have stopped still. In fact, most of the scenes and appearances on the Academy Award winning movie, ‘The Help’ were filmed right here. Once you’ve found your accommodation in Jackson, you definitely must experience the blues music and soul taverns in neighborhoods like, Fondren and downtown. Last but not least, visit The Medgar Evers House, the Smith Robertson Museum, the Mississippi Children’s Museum, the Jackson Zoo and more for a fully satisfying visit.