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How to Find the Best Philadelphia hotels with Venere

Whether you're taking a dive into the very roots of American history, craving world-class cultural outlets, or seeking the classic comfort foods the region is known for, there's no better way to plan your unforgettable trip to Philadelphia than with the travel experts at Venere. When you book with Venere, you'll be able to search through hundreds of amazing Philadelphia hotels with just a few clicks. Filter by price, neighborhood, amenities, and more in just minutes, and read through thousands of reviews from real Venere users to know exactly what you'll be getting long before you even book. Still not sure how to find the best Philly hotel for your unique trip? Call us today and speak with one of our travel assistants, and we'll work with you to find the perfect accommodation to suit your every travel need. Hop online or call today to make that Philly trip go from a dream to reality!

What's Philadelphia like?

There are few cities in America quite like Philadelphia. As a critical location in US history, Philadelphia is an American history buff's dream, with so many exciting stories that piece together the complex and fascinating stories of the city and country. Check out accommodations near Independence Hall or the Liberty Bell for a truly unforgettable, all-American historical experience. Independence National Historical Park is another must-see for visitors, which draws tourists from all across the globe. Aside from being the direct translation of its name from Greek, there's a good reason Philly is nicknamed "The City of Brotherly Love." Even though Philadelphia is the sixth most populated city in the country, you'll find a friendly, progressive vibe present everywhere you go. For foodie travelers, you might want to seek out hotels hear Pat's, the birthplace of the Philly Cheesesteak. For outdoor adventurers, you'll find exciting activities such as evening kayaking, garden strolls, sports events, and more, all close to many amazing Philadelphia hotels.

Tips for Getting Along with Locals in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a community-centric, grassroots kind of city, even despite its colossal population. You'll find the attitude to be upbeat and helpful, so generally you'll find no problem asking locals for directions (although you might accidentally spur a street debate if you ask a passer-by where to find the best brunch). Since 2008, Philadelphians have proudly and dramatically lowered the city's crime rate, however it's best to still exercise good caution as you would in any large metropolis while going about your vacation, particularly at night. Look to the locals for places to avoid, and use good judgment. With many Philadelphia hotels in close proximity to public transportation and within walking distance of attractions, you won't have much trouble getting around, however remember to plan your day commutes clear of rush hour times so as not to further congest busy travel routes for locals getting to work. Overall, you'll find Philadelphians to be enthusiastic and friendly, so get out there, explore, and have fun!