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How to Find the Best Salt Lake City hotels with Venere

Soak in the sights, challenge yourself in the outdoors, and relish dynamic, enchanting Salk Lake City. There are countless reasons to make this destination your next getaway, and there are hotels to suit just about any traveler. And when you book with Venere, you'll be able to search through over 200 Salt Lake City hotels, filtering by price, location, amenities, and more. If you're not sure which hotel is the best to suit your special trip, give us a call today to speak with a travel assistant who will guide you to a hotel to suit your every travel need, no matter how you life to get away! Booking with Venere online or over the phone is fast, easy, and hassle-free. Travel with confidence thanks to our thousands of online reviews of hotels by real Venere users, so you will be sure of exactly what you're getting long before you arrive at your hotel. So hop online or call today to start planning your trip to "The Crossroads of the West!"

What's Salt Lake City like?

If you're into adventures in the great outdoors, urban exploration, cultural outlets, or all of the above, then Salt Lake City is the vacation destination for you! For the rugged travelers, check out the region's world-class mountain biking, skiing, hiking, and more. Like to travel at a more relaxed pace, but still love nature? Look no further than hotels near the Red Butte Garden and Arboretum to leisurely stroll over 100 acres of pure natural bliss. History buff? Check out the Natural History Museum of Utah or The Leonardo for starters. It's generally very easy to get around the city thanks to the many Salk Lake City hotels in close proximity to the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) bus, the light rail (TRAX), and the many bike-friendly routes. Also a major hub for arts and culture, you'll definitely want to check out accommodations by Abravanel Hall to hear the Utah Symphony play, Ballet West to see the ballet, or the Gallery Stroll among countless others.

Tips for Getting Along with Locals in Salt Lake City

There are myriad reasons to visit Salt Lake City, the welcoming locals definitely being one of them! But it still never hurts to embark with some handy travel tips. First, the climate of the city is very dry, so locals will advise not to forget to drink plenty of water during your trip. The weather can also be very unpredictable and very cold in the winter, so look to the locals for how to dress (and to the Salt Lake City hotels for daily weather reports) before you go exploring. Since Salt Lake City is built on an almost perfect grid, the locals have adopted a sort of shorthand for rattling out addresses and intersections quickly. Don't get confused! If you are unsure of which intersection someone means when you ask directions, simply ask for clarification. Generally speaking, Salt Lake City locals are a very friendly group, and you shouldn't have any trouble talking to them or asking questions. So dive in, explore, and most of all, have fun!