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How to Find the Best Reno hotels with Venere

Nightlife, nature, gaming, and a culturally rich atmosphere await travelers heading to Reno, Nevada. With so much to do and something for everyone, your trip to Reno will be unforgettable, particularly when you let us at Venere help guide you every step of the way when finding the perfect Reno hotel for your unique travel needs. Before you book your stay in "The Biggest Little City in the World," you can browse through over 100 hotels in Reno for free through Venere, with sensitive filters for the best location, price, amenities, and more to suit your needs. You'll find everything from chiq, 5-star casino lodgings to family-friendly and adventurous hotels and everything in between. You can book quickly and hassle-free online, or give us a call to book over the phone or even chat with a travel assistant to make sure that your stay in Reno is as perfect as you imagine!

What's Reno like?

Nestled up against the Sierra Nevada mountains and offering the perfect blend of relaxation, urban adventure, outdoor activities, and gaming thrills, a trip to Reno will delight just about any visitor. Reno has gained incredible popularity amongst gaming travelers for its world-class casino scene, but there's something for everyone to be found in this dynamic city. History and culture buffs can find it easy to discover hotels near the Nevada Museum of Art; those craving a progressive, exciting atmosphere need look no further than Reno's college town districts around the University of Nevada, Reno; and lots of hiking and mountain biking adventures await travelers looking for an exciting outdoor trip. Getting around Reno is easy via rental car or taxi, and many Reno hotels are in close proximity to the popular bus that's free within the downtown regions! Seeking the perfect classic gaming getaway? You'll find dozens of Reno hotels around Victorian square, featuring many world famous casinos with an exciting nightlife scene.

Tips for Getting Along with Locals in Reno

Having a great time in Reno is easy, especially if you embark with a few handy travel tips. Many locals will suggest you ride the bus instead of renting a car if at all possible, due to the dramatic price difference. But, as with any city, it's a good idea to know where you're going by public transit before you leave so you don't hold up the local passengers on your route. Many Reno hotels are within easy access to the bus system, so it shouldn't be a hassle to find a stop near you! Adventurers participating in hiking or outdoors activities should also be extra mindful and respectful when smoking cigarettes, barbecuing, or anything else that involves smoke or fire, as brush fires are always a threat in the region. Locals will also advise that visitors drink lots of water and pay attention to how you're feeling because of the city's altitude, especially during the hot summer months!