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How to Find the Best Charleston hotels with Venere

Take a step back into history and enjoy all that Southern comforts have to offer in Charleston! No matter who you are or how you like to travel, there's something for everyone and accommodations to suit every visitor. Booking with us at Venere is fast, secure, and hassle-free, both online or over the phone. You can search through over 150 fantastic Charleston hotels, filtering by price, location, amenities, and more. When you book with Venere, you will travel with confidence thanks to the thousands of online reviews from real Venere users, so you'll know what you're getting long before you arrive at the hotel. Still not sure which hotel is the right fit for your trip? No problem! Give us a call today to speak with one of our travel assistants to discover the very best accommodations to suit your every travel need. So hop online or give us a call today to get started planning your trip to "Chucktown!"

What's Charleston like?

In South Carolina's oldest city, history buffs will revel in the myriad historical attractions like The Original Charleston Walks or the Charleston Tea Plantation. Discover hotels near Waterfront Park for cruise access and unbeatable views. If you're staying at one of the many Charleston hotels in or around the historic district, you'll find it easy to get around by foot or by the famous horse-drawn carriages. And don't forget the region's wonderful beaches! Check out accommodations near Folly Beach or the other many popular coasts to kick back and relax resort-style. Shop till you drop at The Market, which has been in business for much of the city's history. All these and more are framed by the regional commitment to Southern hospitality, meaning you're never too far from a hot meal, good music, and a warm smile. Drop into the Cru Café or Hominy Grill for some unforgettable Southern comfort foods. So dive in, soak up the Southern Coastal Accents, and discover everything Charleston has to offer!

Tips for Getting Along with Locals in Charleston

When you arrive in Charleston, one of the first things you may notice are the many accents and dialects. From standard Southern accents to Gullah, you may find it difficult to understand people at first depending on where you're traveling. You shouldn't have much of a problem if you ask for something to be repeated. Charleston locals are known for their laid-back and friendly attitudes. Generally speaking, Charleston is a safe city, but as with any city, there are pockets with more crime than others. While most Charleston hotels located within the tourism hubs are perfectly safe, keep your eyes out as you would in any city. Look to the locals for places to avoid, especially after dark. And if you're planning on calling a cab to get around, do so in advance so you won't have to wait. For those who are used to hailing cabs in the nation's largest metropolises, Charleston's cab services are not as ubiquitous.