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The big city vibe that lingers across the small city atmosphere of Fargo, North Dakota is astounding. This diverse identity brings galleries, music clubs, boutique hotels, and even more urban amenities to a city of just over 100,000 inhabitants. Fargo boasts its own Broadway and Celebrity Walk of Fame and a plethora of parks, many near Fargo hotels. Just across the Red River, you’ll find Moorhead, Minnesota, and due to their close proximity, many call the region Fargo-Moorhead. Whether you’re headed to Fargo for its array or art galleries or looking to take the kids on an adventure, Venere can help you find the right place to stay. As experts in travel, we can help you find and book your perfect hotel in Fargo online or over the phone, where our travel experts will certainly help you find what you’re looking for. Check out our wide selection of hotels in Fargo, complete with pictures, star ratings, and guest ratings. We have more than 1 million hotel reviews from real guests, and with our real-time rates and the best deals on the web, we’ll make booking your stay in Fargo a breeze.

What's Fargo like?

Broadway, a Celebrity Walk of Fame, boutique hotels, rooftop bars with hot tub access – this isn’t Los Angeles, it’s Fargo! This Midwestern city is a little strange, and it likes it that way. In the summer, Fargo’s Dike Parks offer walking trails, basketball courts, fishing spots, and a skate park while wintertime brings activities like sledding and cross-country skiing to the city’s parks, all near Fargo hotels. The oldest downtown park is Island Park, featuring 35 acres of greenery, including over 1,200 trees, several tennis courts, an outdoor pool, and a playground. Check out the city’s museums and art galleries for a premium cultural experience. In historic downtown Fargo, you’ll find SoMA – the downtown district south of Main Ave – which boasts a uniquely artsy feel. Fargo’s lively atmosphere is also fueled by students from North Dakota State University, which keep the city upbeat all year round. The University’s Fargodome can and does fit about a quarter of the city’s population on game nights and other major events. Year-round, a visit to Fargo will be a memorable experience.

Tips for Getting Along with Locals in Fargo

The small town friendliness that has become synonymous with Midwestern America is not lost in Fargo – the city’s 100,000 residents are very friendly and their welcoming dialect is infectious. Locals will happily point you in the direction of fun things to see or do in the city, including the town’s visitor center, complete with a Celebrity Walk of Fame, featuring over 110 handprints, footprints, and autographs. Downtown Fargo has a lot to offer near Fargo hotels, but don’t cut your trip short without checking out the HoDo. The Hotel Donaldson, featuring a magnificent lounge, lively restaurant, and a rooftop bar. The HoDo, like much of the city, highlights the Fargo’s growing artistic culture. Take a drive out to Bonanzaville, USA if you’re travelling with kids. This historic educational town will transport you back to life in the late 1800’s in the Red River Valley. Other hotspots include JL Beers, Theatre B, The Viking Ship at the Historical and Cultural Society of Clay County, and Ecce gallery. Seasonal highlights include spectacular views of the Northern Lights during the snowy winter; pumpkin patches, colorful landscapes, and hay rides in the fall; fascinating bird migration and wildflowers in the springtime; and stunning summer days perfect for hiking, fishing, and more. No matter when you plan your trip, you’re sure to enjoy your stay in Fargo.