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How to Find the Best Lexington hotels with Venere

Get ready for some real Southern fun, food, and hospitality in the historic city of Lexington! You're sure to have a great time during your visit to Lexington, no matter who you are or how you like to travel. And there's certainly a hotel to fit just about anyone's travel needs. Fortunately, finding that perfect hotel is easy when you book with our travel experts at Venere! Booking with Venere means you'll have access to our industry-leading services and unbeatable selection, with expert guidance every step of the way towards your special vacation. Browse online at your leisure through over 100 amazing Lexington hotels, or give us a call any time to speak with a travel assistant to help you find the perfect one. Read through thousands of online hotel reviews from real Venere users so you'll be sure what to expect long before check-in. So hop online or give us a call today to start planning your trip to the "Athens of the West!"

What's Lexington like?

The sounds of Bluegrass hover in the air, the small of comforting Southern cooking drifts by everywhere you go, and a feeling of wonderful friendliness and hospitality awaits eager visitors to Lexington, Kentucky. There is something for everyone in this fun, dynamic, and historic city. Get a taste of the city at the Lexington Visitor's Center, close to many Lexington hotels, where you'll be quickly introduced to the city's famous hospitality and history. For horse-lovers, look no further than hotels near the Kentucky Horse Park for a truly unforgettable equine experience. If you're looking for historical experiences and attractions, there are plenty of old estates and museums to explore, such as Waveland State Historic Site, the Hunt-Morgan House, the Headley-Whitney Museum, and so many more! And if you're looking for a progressive, upbeat atmosphere, you'll love Lexington's college-town feel thanks to the presence of the University of Kentucky. And don't forget to tuck in to some real Southern comfort food at any of the many eateries you'll find peppered all over town!

Tips for Getting Along with Locals in Lexington

No matter where you choose to travel, it's always a good idea to do a little research before you embark so you can fit in a bit better with the locals. Fortunately, when you book with us at Venere, we've done the hard work for you! Our regional experts can arm you with lots of local tips that will make your trip to Lexington even more unforgettable. Travelers to Lexington can sometimes be nearly overwhelmed by the amazing politeness and friendliness of locals towards visitors. Manners are a way of life in this wonderful city, to be sure to be ready to hold doors open, let people into traffic, and offer a lot of "pleases and thank yous" to blend in with the locals. Additionally, if you're staying in the more walkable areas of town, particularly within the tourist districts where you'll find most Lexington hotels, you may choose to do a lot of exploring on foot. If this is the case, always be alert when crossing streets and look both ways even if you have the walk signal, as sometimes the region can be known for its red light-runners.